Sanity is for Suckers
Album Cover
Track 1 - Crooked Rose 3:12

Aura Phase

Jake Savage - guitar, vocal
Will Iannuzzi - bass
Eddie Reil - drums

Music & Lyrics by Jake Savage

Copyright 1999 Jane McGuire Savage

Recorded at Slaughterhouse, Hadley MA
Enginreered and mixed by Mark Allen Miller
Mastered at The Monkey House, Northhampton MA

Note: The subject of this song and its title are derived from Jake's elderly grandmother; he loved her dearly and also loved to make fun of her eccentricities.


nodding constantly, bent in half
struggle to remember recent past
my question is which christmas is last
living slowly, dying fast

flaming red streak under our feet
crusading towards her endless neat
fattens them up with all her treats
senility renders a fight to cheat

frustration high, patience worn thin
thumbs constricting her double chin
murder's okay but cursing's a sin
love the white boys and cherish them

and they think they are always right
tears rush through eyes closed tight
and they think they are always right
Won't know if she'll see tonight

Shrunk and lost
drunk and stoned
going home again