Sanity is for Suckers
Album Cover
Track 5 - Little Blue 4:46

Aura Phase

Jake Savage - guitar, vocal
Will Iannuzzi - bass
Eddie Reil - drums

Music & Lyrics by Jake Savage

Copyright 1999 Jane McGuire Savage

Recorded at Slaughterhouse, Hadley MA
Enginreered and mixed by Mark Allen Miller
Mastered at The Monkey House, Northhampton MA


back to square one, dishonor everyone
bitter again with our dirty brains
let them flourish, eroding the surface
strange as it seems i want back my screams
tremors shake me, reactions make me
live to die back by her side

save her

make me pure again
i forgot whatever mattered
as my feelings were washed out
my connection was shattered
the one good thing about that day was that it had an end
if i listened to what they say id be one of them

the antidote is mind control