Midnight Madness
Album Cover
Track 1 - Rich Hell 4:32

Aura Phase

Jake Savage - guitar, vocal
Will Iannuzzi - bass
Chris Egan - drums

Music & Lyrics by Jake Savage

Copyright 1999 Jane McGuire Savage

Recorded at Prophet Sound, Boston MA
Enginreered and mixed by Heede Miyazaki
Mastered at The Monkey House, Northampton MA


it's all for me with a gift wrapped warning
last time i checked it was better to need

itís all a joke, swallow and choke
all that there is is all that i know

its all a sin, whatís real is pretend
there's something more to me than my disintegrating skin

stay the hell away from me with your smelly-smile disease
i miss my ms. psycho mismatch
before i rest i must itch the scratch