Midnight Madness
Album Cover
Track 2 - A Walk Around 4:22

Aura Phase

Jake Savage - guitar, vocal
Will Iannuzzi - bass
Chris Egan - drums

Music & Lyrics by Jake Savage

Copyright 1999 Jane McGuire Savage

Recorded at Prophet Sound, Boston MA
Enginreered and mixed by Heede Miyazaki
Mastered at The Monkey House, Northampton MA

Note: The title of this song is derived from Jake's time aboard a family sailboat going around the world and his observation that one could walk around the world just as fast.


my world is an imbalancement of motion side to side
but this is the most iíve had to eat in all my life
eat sleep s___ and f___ together
someone stronger is someone better

sorry i donít want to take my clothes off
but iíll bring something back no matter what the cost
deep inside i feel iíve gotten bigger
but all in all iím just a little thinner

what I lack!

and my heavy heart slows us down
she laughed at me and pushed me down
is she still around
iím glad sheís still around

i filter all their sounds