Sanity is for Suckers
Album Cover
Track 7 - Wish it Away 5:11

Aura Phase

Jake Savage - guitar, vocal
Will Iannuzzi - bass
Eddie Reil - drums

Music & Lyrics by Jake Savage

Copyright 1999 Jane McGuire Savage

Recorded at Slaughterhouse, Hadley MA
Enginreered and mixed by Mark Allen Miller
Mastered at The Monkey House, Northhampton MA


waking up, breaking out
of the fake life that i write
i miss your shine
by my cold side
ignorance sends it away
but nothing cures the pain
kill the doctor today
feel sick no more

leave me alone
iíve been betrayed
so stay away
it is too hard to love
so anger is my favorite poison
as i feed off all the hate
i wonít share, give all or nothing
nothingís what i always get
under the bed is the water
keep your feet in the boat

all alone, bruised and tortured
remote control my life away
pause, kill the third party
iím the new crucifix
smile and theyíll let you go
yours is imprinted in my mind
punching bag for the thoughtless
learn to hate them all the time

wish it away forever